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PHD-VRX2 Newer Design, Better Features! 
Full HD 1080p Dual Tuner Digital HDTV Recorder, Receiver and Media Center Box
from PrimeDTV
Two Tuner Inputs
  Free OTA Electronic Program Guides (EPGs)
  Two Tuners Recording Simultaneously
  Timeshifting and Pause Live TV Show
  External USB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Recording
  HD Media Player
  Video Streaming On-line and Local Network
  Super-scaling 1080p  Media A/V Switcher
 PHD-VRX2 Product Sales!
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  Model: PHD-VRX2 Price: $155.88
Shipping:  In stock
  Universal Remote Control with PHD Device Codes
  PHD-UR58 Remote Control 
  4-Device Universal Remote Control with Built-in PHD Device Codes  
  Our Price: $12.98  
  Advanced Home Networked HD Media Player
  Advanced Home Networked HD Media Player, P/N# PHD-HM5  
  Our Price: $14.98  
  Press Release
PrimeDTV Re-Defines Hot Consumer HD Set Top Box – Introducing Brand-New High-End “HDTV and Media Center in the Box,” PHD-8VX.
Introduced Advanced HDTV Tuner Receiver Box, PHD-205LE.
PHD-HM5, Networked HD Media Player for Holidays!

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New firmware (VRX2.244.22.30) is released. (Thanks to many users feedback!)
 Many Improvements and the Highlight Feature: 
   • Station Logo Selection       =>  


Product Key Features and Applications:

Exceptional companion HD Set Top Box for recording and viewing DTV programs on HD Projectors, Large screen HDTVs, Conference room and Home Theater TVs!
Dual physical tuners built-in provide flexibilities of watching TV, recording shows or timeshifting current program in any combinations!
Variety of recording methods on each tuner including Electronic Program Guide (EPG) schedule recording, Manual timer recording and Recording current show.
Intuitive and easy-to-use Electronic Program Guides (EPG).
Dual channel-scan database on each tuner. Keep both OTA (ATSC) and cable (QAM/NTSC) channel list information on each tuner without re-scanning every time.
An external USB Hard Disk Drive (HDD) up to 2TB size allows you to record TV shows freely and up to hundreds of hours of HD contents!
Easy timeshifting function provides pleasant viewing experience for pausing live TV show or smoothly fast-forwarding, rewinding, slow-forwarding or slow-rewinding at many different speeds.  
Full feature HD Media Player playing back video, photo or music via USB drive or local network.
Video on-line streaming capability or via local media server program.
High-end 1080p scaling and video enhancement on all inputs.
Custom video screen size adjustment. Give users full power on video over-scan control and to re-cover 100% HD picture content on your screen.
Easy access "QUICK" remote key provides users quick and convenient way to access some important features at once.
Individual picture (brightness, contrast, sharpness) adjustments on each input.

Product Description:

Get the most from your free digital Over-the-Air (OTA) and digital clear cable signals with the advanced and amazing Dual Tuner Digital Recorder, Receiver and Media Center Box, PHD-VRX2, that decodes, records and plays in beautiful HD format!

PHD-VRX2 brings you a top level, high-end and full feature digital set top box with a very reasonable price. It combines so many outstanding features in one unit, which truly take your home entertainment to a whole new level!

Thanks for its built-in dual tuner design, you can connect your digital cable (clear QAM) and analog cable signal (NTSC) as well as digital broadcasting signal to tuner 1 , and connect digital signals to tuner 2 or any combinations you prefer. So that, you can watch many channels no matter from antenna or cable at your choice. Furthermore, if phone rings or you need to leave the room, you can simply pause the current broadcast (for digital channels only) and resume watching when it's convenient with PHD-VRX2 timeshifting feature.

Of course, recording digital TV shows is also very easy to do. PHD-VRX2 provides versatile recording methods including direct recording, manual schedule recording or program guide (EPG) recording. PHD-VRX2 is focusing on high-end digital recording. No analog channel recording and also not recording from other inputs. Another great advantage of PHD-VRX2 is that it records all shows to the external USB HDD. It makes unit less power consumption and also allow user to record shows freely up to hundreds of hours HD content within the range up to 2TB HDD storage size.

PHD-VRX2 comes with full-feature HD Media player. With the built-in Ethernet connector, PHD-VRX2 can play all HD media contents from its recorded shows or other media files and from either USB port or local network. If media server program (for example, TVersity) installed in your PC, you can even watch many movies on-line via media server. PHD-VRX2 also currently provides on-line video streaming capability from its Ethernet port with limited add-on and will increase more features in the further firmware upgrades.

The outputs of HDMI and composite video (CVBS) are also activated simultaneously so you can watch high-definition video on big-screen TV/Projector and monitor video on other TV in the same time. The analog composite video output is for monitoring purpose, there are video and audio from composite but no on-screen graphic and menu. All set up procedures can be done from HDMI output. Another great feature of PHD-VRX2 is video enhancement and up-scaling features on all inputs. With advanced video screen size, picture and sound setting controls, PHD-VRX2 can further customize the video quality to your need.

So purchase PHD-VRX2 today! You will enjoy and discover all the benefits to make your HD entertainment system very enjoyable and more ...


Product Technical Specifications:

Main Chip

Broadcom BCM


Terrestrial ATSC (8VSB): Yes (RF ch2-69)
64QAM & 256QAM: Yes (RF ch1-135)
NTSC: Yes (Air/Cable)
RF Input: F-Type x 2
Tuner2 (RF2): ATSC/QAM

Record and Playback

Digital Channel Recording & Play: Yes
Simultaneous Record and Other Channel View: Yes
Simultaneous Record and Other Channel Timeshift: Yes Scheduled Recording: Yes (DTV Channels)
Recorded File Management: Yes
External ATA/SATA USB HDD (up to 2TB)
File System: EXT2/NTFS for Recording, FAT32/EXT2/NTFS for Playback

Pause Live TV / Time Shift

Time Shifting Duration Setting (5/30/60/120/240 min.)
User Operation:
    * Play/Pause/Stop
    * Fast Forward/Rewind: up to 256x
    * Slow Forward/ Slow Rewind: ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32,


AC-3 Audio Decoding: Yes
Digital Multi-Lingual: Yes
BTSC Stereo/SAP Audio: Yes

Video Processing

MPEG-2 SD/HD Decoding: MP@ML, MP@HL


Automatic Time Setting: Yes
    * NTP Time Setting: Yes
    * Stream Time Setting: Yes
Manual Time Setting: Yes
Daylight Saving Time: Yes
Time Zone Setting: Yes


Supported Languages: English, Spanish, French
EPG Data: Yes
Single Channel Info/EPG: Yes
Channel Information Banner: Yes
Favorite Channel Editing: Yes
Auto Channel Scan: Yes (Single or Dual Channels)
Signal Strength Display: Yes
Recorder Control Menu: Yes

V-Chip Parental Control

Digital CC: Yes, Also CC on Playback
Analog CC: Yes
Parental Control: Yes

Video Display

Aspect Ratio (Normal, Full, Pan, Zoom1, Zoom2, 4:3, Direct): Yes
V.Mode (Switch Video Resolution 720p/1080p): Yes


Front Keypads: Yes
Front Panel Standby/On LED
Time Clock/Channel Digit Readout Display
IR Remote Control: Yes


HDMI Output x 1
Composite Video (CVBS) Output x 1
Stereo L/R Audio Output x 1
SPDIF Optical Output x 1
Composite Video (CVBS) Input x 1
Stereo L/R Audio Input x 1
Component Video (YPbPr) Input x 1
HDMI Input x 1
VGA Input x 1
RF Input x 2
USB 2.0 x 2

Additional Controls

Front Panel Boot Display: Yes
Volume & Mute Control: Yes
Quick Access Menu Key: Yes
Firmware Upgradable from USB port

Media Player


Network Connection

Ethernet 10/100M, WLAN and LAN


Power supply: AC 120V, 60Hz
Consumption: 15 Watts
Standby mode: 2 Watt

Package Contents

PHD-VRX unit, Infrared (IR) remote control with battery, Quick Start Guide, HDMI cable.

Product Inputs and Outputs (I/Os): 

PHD-VRX2 Rear View 
Output:     Input:    
  1x HDMI: 1080p/720p/480p
1x Composite Video: 480i
1x Stereo Audio: L/R
1x Digital Audio Optical Output.
  1x HDMI
1x Composite Video (CVBS)
1x Stereo Audio: L/R
1x VGA (RGB)
1x Component (Y-Pb-Pr)
1x Ethernet Port
2x USB

View larger Inputs/Outputs System Diagram image  PHD-VRX2 rear side system connection diagram! 

Product Details:

Product Dimensions: 14.0 x 9.0 x 2.0 inches PHD-VRX2 
Shipping Weight: about 6.5 pounds.
Shipping: Worldwide.
Warranty Terms: Parts - 1 year, Labor - 90 days
Suggested Accessories:  HDMI Cable
  uggested Accessories:    Toslink Optical Cable

Product Manual:

PHD-VRX2 User Manual:  PHD-VRX2 User Manual
PHD-VRX2 Quick Start Guide:  PHD-VRX2 Quick Start Guide
PHD-VRX2 Remote Control IR Codes:  PHD-VRX2 Remote Control IR Codes
PHD-VRX2 Quick Tips GuidePHD-VRX2 Quick Tips Guide 

Firmware Download:

Date: 08/22/14    
Download Instructions (VRX2.244.22.30PHD-VRX2 Download Instructions (VRX2.244.22.30)
firmware (version VRX2.244.22.30)PHD-VRX2 Firmware(VRX2.244.22.30)
Station logo selection and more...
Date: 02/06/14  
Download Instructions (VRX2.243.25.43PHD-VRX2 Download Instructions (VRX2.243.25.43)
firmware (version VRX2.243.25.43)PHD-VRX2 Firmware(VRX2.243.25.43)

Supported Video Player (PC Version):

KM Player (local download) - KM Player
Official Website: http://www.kmplayer.com/forums/index.php
K-Lite Codec Pack 6.7.0 Full (local download) - K-Lite Codec Pack
Official Website:
Ext2 Installable File System For Windows:
This program can run ext2 files in Windows OS (XP/Vista).

Note: to run under Windows 7, in program property, select compatibility option in Windows Vista mode.


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 - PHD-VRX2, PHD-VRX and PHD-8VX Comparison Table
  See product user manual:
 - PHD-VRX2 User Manual
 - PHD-VRX Quick Tips Guide

Full HD 1080p Dual Tuner Digital HDTV Recorder, Receiver and Media Center Box

PHD-VRX2 Product Sales!    
Suggested Accessories:  
PHD Universal Remote Control with Built-in PHD Code

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