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  All-in-one Pigtail type HDMI 2x1 Switcher
  HDMI 2x1 Switcher, P/N#: EC-HDMIS2P
  2 to 1 HDMI 1.3b switcher. Auto detect and manual switch. One piece unit saves output HDMI cable!  
  Our Price: $15.65  
  Premium HDTV Connection Cable Kit
  Premium HDTV Connection Cable Kit, P/N#: EC-PCAB01  
  Premium cables, All-in-One box!  
  Our Price: $25.85  
  Premium HDTV HDMI Connection Kit
  Premium HDTV HDMI Connection Kit, P/N#: EC-HCAB02  
  Premium HDMI Home Entertainment connection kit, All-in-One box!  
  Our Price: $46.85  
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PrimeDTV Re-Defines Hot Consumer HD Set Top Box – Introducing Brand-New High-End “HDTV and Media Center in the Box,” PHD-8VX.
Introduced Advanced HDTV Tuner Receiver Box, PHD-205LE.
PHD-HM5, Networked HD Media Player for Holidays!

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ATSC / QAM (HD) / NTSC Tuner Receiver Box

from PrimeDTV


 Simply the best  !
Model: PHD-205
Price: $169.95

The ultimate HDTV Tuner Receiver Box, PHD-205, is finally arrived!


See product comparison tables:
PHD Model Comparison Table
- HDTV STB Comparison Table
  Product Highlights and Applications:  
  Most advanced tuner receiver box in the market today for showing amazing, smooth, sharp, vivid real-time HD sport events, HD movies and TV programs
  Perfect match for your EDTV, HDTV monitors or built-in HDTVs.
  Excellent 2nd HD source (broadcast or cable) receiver for your built-in HDTV or multi rooms high-def entertainment system.
  Turn your high-end Projector instantly to become HD entertainment center and receive all ATSC / QAM / NTSC signals in one unit.
  Superior HDTV receiver box can be used in many remote locations like on the boat,  on the road, camping or others...
  The next generation digital tuner using the most advanced ATI MPEG2 chipset.
  Many improved features and functions accessed from on-screen menu, remote control or front panel.
  Product Description:     [ Top Page]

PHD-205 is the advanced and low cost high-end HDTV Decoder Box. This unit can receive digital ATSC over-the-air HDTV broadcast signals, digital Cable clear QAM signals (64 and 256 QAM signals) as well as traditional analog TV signal from an external antenna or cable RF source.

The unit is a perfect match for consumer's EDTV or HDTV monitors and the excellent 2nd high-def source for your HD built-in TVs. The unit features Component (YPbPr HD/SD), RGB (VGA connector for PC and TV), and Digital D-DVI outputs. Audio outputs include Dolby® Digital Optical and Stereo L/R.

PHD-205 also provides real-time Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) and functions like Channel List to instant channel tuning, one button for the current channel detail information, digital volume control and many more...

  Product Features:     [ Top Page]
  Receive and decode all over-the-air (ATSC) HDTV/SDTV formats
  Receive and decode Digital Cable (Clear QAM) HDTV/SDTV formats
  Receive and decode all NTSC analog TV formats
  HD Component (Y-Pb-Pr), RGB, and DVI HDTV outputs
  Composite Video (CVBS) and S-Video outputs
  Rear-panel switch for selecting output resolution (1080i / 720p / 480p / 480i)
  Digital Volume Control 
  V-CHIP & Closed Captioning 
  Instant Channel information, signal strength indicator  
       and Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) at one
  Master Channel list and 3 Favor Channel lists from
     OSD menu and remote control  access.
  Video Output format selectable for 16:9 and 4:3
     aspect ratio
  Front panel display to show current channel number,
     channel scan and other information.
Powered by ATI XILLEON MIPS® Processor
     with powerful display engine
  Product Details:     [ Top Page]
  Product Dimensions: 14.0 x 10.0 x 2.0 inches
  Shipping Weight: about 7 pounds.
  Shipping: Worldwide.
  Warranty Terms: Parts - 1 year, Labor - 90 days
  Suggested Accessories: DVI Cable
  l Suggested Accessories: DVI to HDMI Cable  
  l Suggested Accessories: Toslink Optical Cable     
  l Suggested Accessories: High-end Component (Y-Pb-Pr) Cable
  l Suggested Accessories: PHD 4-in-1 Universal Remote Control
  Product Manuals:     [ Top Page]
  PHD-205 User Manual  PHD-101 User Manual
  PHD-205 Remote Control IR Codes:  PHD-205 Remote Control IR Codes
  Firmware Download:     [ Top Page]
  Purchase Date (before June 2008):
  Download Instructions  PHD-205 Firmware Upgrade, Ver. 33.33.09
firmware (version 33.33.09) - PHD-205 Firmware Upgrade_33.33.09.zip
  Purchase Date (after June 2008):
  Download Instructions  PHD-205 Firmware Upgrade, Ver. 33.33.15
firmware (version 33.33.15) - PHD-205 Firmware Upgrade_33.33.15.zip

PHD-205   PHD-205
Advanced ATSC / QAM (HD) / NTSC Tuner Receiver Box

* Product is out of stock.

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