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PHD-101 ATSC / QAM (HD) Tuner Receiver Box
from PrimeDTV


PHD-101 ATSC /QAM (HD) Tuner Receiver Box
  PHD-101 Front Panel
Front Panel   Enlarge
PHD-101 Rear Side
Rear Side  Enlarge
Model: PHD-101
  Product Description:      

PHD-101 is very high performance and low cost high-end HDTV Decoder Box. This unit can receive ATSC over-the-air HDTV digital broadcast signals and digital Cable clear QAM signals (64 and 256 QAM signals) from an external antenna or cable RF source.

The unit is a perfect match for consumer's EDTV or HDTV monitors, or converts HDTV signals to analog signals for conventional TV displaying from S-Video and Composite  outputs . The unit features Component (YPbPr HD/SD), RGB, Digital D-DVI, S-Video and Composite outputs. Audio outputs include Dolby® Digital Optical and Stereo L/R.

PHD-101 also provides real-time Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) and functions like Channel List to instant channel tuning, one button for the current channel detail information and many more...

  Product Features:     [ Top Page]
  Receive and decode all over-the-air (ATSC) HDTV/SDTV formats
  Receive and decode Digital Cable (Clear QAM) HDTV/SDTV formats
  HD Component (Y-Pb-Pr), RGB, Composite and S-Video Outputs, and DVI HDTV output
  Rear-panel switch for selecting output resolution (1080i / 720p / 480p / 480i)
  V-CHIP & Closed Captioning 
  12-hour long Electronic Programming Guide (EPG)
       for each received channel
  Channel list and Channel Enable / Disable features 
  Video Output format selectable for 16:9 and 4:3
     aspect ratio
  Letterbox, and Full output modes for viewing 16:9
      programs on 4:3 TV and Monitors from SD signal
Powered by ATI XILLEON 300 MHz MIPS® Processor
     with powerful display engine
  Product Details:     [ Top Page]
  Product Dimensions: 14.0 x 10.0 x 2.0 inches
  Shipping Weight: about 8 pounds.
  Shipping: Worldwide.
  Warranty Terms: Parts - 1 year, Labor - 90 days
  Suggested Accessories: DVI Cable
  l Suggested Accessories: DVI to HDMI Cable
  l Suggested Accessories: Toslink Optical Cable
  l Suggested Accessories: High-end Component (Y-Pb-Pr) Cable
  Product Manuals:     [ Top Page]
  Important Installation Guideline Important Installation Guideline
  PHD-101 User Manual  PHD-101 User Manual

PHD-101 ATSC /QAM (HD) Tuner Receiver Box PHD-101   PHD-101 ATSC / QAM (HD) Tuner Receiver Box   $159.95

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