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  Advanced ATSC/ QAM/ NTSC (Pass-through Only) Tuner Receiver Box
  ATSC/ QAM/ NTSC (Pass-through) Tuner Receiver Box, P/N#:PHD-205LE
  Our Price: $139.95  
  Advanced Home Networked HD Media Player
  Advanced Home Networked HD Media Player, P/N# PHD-HM5  
  Our Price: $106.25
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  Press Release
Introduced Advanced HDTV Tuner Receiver Box, PHD-205LE.
PHD-HM5, Networked HD Media Player for Holidays!

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eZ-Digital TV Program Recorder
Unique design and extremely easy recording of digital broadcasting and digital clear cable programs, make PHD-eZ1 the leader of consumer DTV recorder box in its class !

Product Release Date: Later Q1 2010

Key Technical Features:   Inputs:
432 MHz MIPS CPU   n ATSC/QAM RF Input
HD 720p/1080i    
Best-in-class video quality:   Outputs:
    Video scaling and enhancements   n 1x HDMI (up to 720p/1080i/1080p) output
ATSC/QAM Tuner   n 1x Digital Optical (SPDIF) output
Multimedia from USB:    
    a) JPEG View   Controls:
    b) MP3 Player   n 1x USB port for recording/playing TS files.
DTV Programs Transport Stream (TS) data   n Front Panel key controls
  contents recording and playing back from   n IR Remote Control
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