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  Advanced ATSC/ QAM/ NTSC (Pass-through Only) Tuner Receiver Box
  ATSC/ QAM/ NTSC (Pass-through) Tuner Receiver Box, P/N#:PHD-205LE
  Our Price: $139.95  
  Advanced Home Networked HD Media Player
  Advanced Home Networked HD Media Player, P/N# PHD-HM5  
  Our Price: $106.25
Apply $10 off now!Coupon#: mx5z022668
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Introduced Advanced HDTV Tuner Receiver Box, PHD-205LE.
PHD-HM5, Networked HD Media Player for Holidays!

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1080p Super Scaling HDTV Tuner Receiver, All-Input Enhancing Media Center
Simply the best Home Media Center
in the market!
Product Release Date: Q1 2010
Key Technical Features:   Inputs:
Full HD 1080p   n 1x Composite Video w/ 1x Stereo (L/R) Audio
Best-in-class video quality:   n 1x S- Video w/ 1x Stereo (L/R) Audio
  DNC3 and zone color management   n 1x Component (Y-Pb-Pr) w/ 1x L/R Audio
  1080i motion adaptive de-interlacing with 3:2/2:2 pull-down
3D Motion Adaptive Gaussian NR
  n 1x VGA (RGB) w/ 1x Stereo (L/R) Audio
    n 3x HDMI input switcher
Integrated ATSC/NTSC modules:   n 1st HDMI input can be DVI in w/ 1x L/R Audio
  Excellent Doppler performance   Outputs:
  Active impulse noise suppression     n 1x HDMI (up to 1080p, 60hz) output
3D color management system provides a superior viewing experience using edge and color enhancements.   n 1x Composite Video w/ 1x (L/R) Audio output
    n 1x Digital Optical (SPDIF) output
3D comb filter with per pixel adaptive motion detection delivers excellent Y/C separation   Controls:
    n 1x RS232 (Com port) control from PC
3D graphics provide a rich, product-differentiating user interface, viewable at 10 foot distance   n Front Panel key controls
    n IR Remote Control

Direct PC input support up to 1600x1200 UXGA

Scaler: Convert all video format to 1080p output or 480i output    

  a)  JPEG View


  b) MP3 Player

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